Vasilis D. Valavanis

Department of Sonar and Marine Information Systems

Contact Address

Institute of Marine Biology of Crete
P.O.Box 2214
Heraklion 71003
Crete, Greece.
Tel: +30 2810 337817
Fax: +30 2810 241882
Email: vasilis@imbc.gr

Date of Birth : May 16, 1962.
Nationality : Greek
Language : Greek : Native language
English: reading, writing and spoken English at professional level.


  • 1995 B.Sc. in Natural Resources Conservation from the University of Florida, US.
  • 1997 M.Sc. in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems from the University of Florida, US.

Professional Experience

  • 1996-97. Participation in research projects carried out by the Fisheries & Aquaculture Department of the University of Florida, US.
  • 1996-97. GIS Consultant at GeoFocus, Inc., Florida, USA.
  • 1997 - to date. Participation in research projects carried out by the Sonar & Marine Information Systems Department, Marine Environment Department and Fisheries Department of the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Greece.

    Other relevant activities / experience

  • Member of the UNIGIS International
  • Member of the Open GIS Consortium
  • Member of the Hellenic Geographic Information Society

Current European Projects

  • FIGIS: Experimental Use of GIS in Fisheries (Participation).
  • ABDMAP: Algal Bloom Detection, Monitoring and Mapping (Participation).
  • CEPHVAR: Cephalopod Resources Dynamics: Patterns in Environmental and Genetic Variation (Participation).
  • MEDCORE: Comparative and Integrated Approach to the Ecology of Mediterranean Coastal Zones for Sustainable Management (Participation).
  • CEPHSTOCK: Cephalopod Stocks in European Waters: Review, Analysis, Assessment and Sustainable Management (Coordination)

Selected publications

  • Valavanis VD , Kapantagakis A, Katara I, Palialexis A (2004) Critical regions: A GIS-based model of marine productivity hotspots. Aquatic Sciences 66(1), 112-123.
  • Valavanis VD (2002). Geographic Information systems in Oceanography and Fisheries. Taylor & Francis, London, p240 (published May 23, 2002).
  • Valavanis VD , Georgakarakos S, Koutsoubas D, Arvanitidis C, Haralabous J (2002). Development of a Marine Information System for Cephalopod Fisheries in the Greek Seas (Eastern Mediterranean). Bulletin of Marine Science 71(2), 867-882.
  • Arvanitidis C, Koutsoubas D, Robin JP, Pereira J, Moreno A, Cunha M, Valavanis VD, Eleftheriou A (2002). An Integrated Overview of the Biology of the Short-finned Squid Illex coindetii, 1839 (Cephalopoda, Ommastrephidae) in the Northeastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Bulletin of Marine Science 71(1), 129-146.
  • Georgakarakos S, Haralabus J, Valavanis VD , Arvanitidis C, Koutsoubas D (2002). Prediction of Fishery Exploitation Stocks of Loliginid and Ommastrephid Squids in Greek waters (Eastern Mediterranean) Using Uni- and Multivariate Time Series Analysis Techniques. Bulletin of Marine Science 71(1), 269-288.
  • Pierce GJ, Wang J, Valavanis VD (2002). Application of GIS to cephalopod fisheries: workshop report. Bulletin of Marine Science 71(1), 35-46.
  • Arvanitidis C, Bellan G, Drakopoulos P, Valavanis V.D. , Dounas C, Koukouras A, Eleftheriou A (2002). Seascape biodiversity patterns along the Mediterranean and the Black Sea: Lessons from the biogeography of benthic Polychaetes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 244, 139-152.
  • Valavanis VD (2002). Applications of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing on Marine Habitats and Ecosystems. Panel Report, Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on GIS/Spatial Analyses in Fishery and Aquatic Sciences, Sep. 3-6, Brighton UK.