Ioannis Karakassis

Marine Ecology/Biodiversity Department

Contact Address

Institute of Marine Biology of Crete
P.O.Box 2214
Heraklion 71003
Crete, Greece.
Tel: +30 2810 337828
Fax: +30 2810 337822
Email: jkarak@imbc.gr

Date of Birth : August 12 , 1959
Nationality : Greek
Language : Greek - native language
English : reading , writing and spoken English to very high professional level.
French : fluent


  • 1984: B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Athens, Greece.
  • 1987: M.Sc. in Marine Biology from the University of Crete, Greece
  • 1991: Ph.D. degree in Marine Biology from the University of Crete, Greece.

Professional Experience

  • 1986 - to date. Participation in and coordination of 25 research projects carried out by the Department of Marine Ecology and Biodiversity of the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete. Research team leader on ecology of coastal ecosystems and biodiversity, responsible for the Reference Centre on the marine environment in Greece associated with the European Environment Agency (EEA)

Other relevant activities / experience

  • Member of national committee on establishment of site selection criteria for marine fish farming
  • Member of ESF-EMaPS involved in preparation of a European Science Plan on Marine Biodiversity
  • Member of IOC-UNESCO working group on Benthic Indicators
  • Founding Member of the European Society for the Management of Biodiversity Data

Current European Projects

  • ERMS: European register of marine species (concerted action) - EU (MAS3-CT97-0146)
  • MARAQUA: Monitoring and Regulation of Marine Aquaculture". EU DG-XIV (FAIR) CT98 4300 (concerted action)
  • Indicators of the state of benthic communities affected by anthropogenic inputs". Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission UNESCO(Contract 214 197 9).
  • Human network for the dissemination of information on mariculture (GR - GSRT - 98 AD 56)
  • Human network for the dissemination of information on the marine environment (GR - GSRT - 98 AD 19)
  • BIOFAQs: Biofiltration and Aquaculture: an evaluation of hard substrate deployment performance within Mariculture developments EU-DG XIV (Quality of Life QLRT 99-31305)
  • AQCESS: Aquaculture and Coastal Economic and Social Sustainability EU-DG XIV (Quality of Life QLRT 99 - 31151)
  • MERAMED: Modelling environmental response to Aquaculture in the Mediterranean EU-DG XIV (Quality of Life QLRT - 99- 31779)

Selected publications

  • Karakassis I. (1995) S(infinity): A new method for calculating macrobenthic species richness. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 120: 299-303.
  • Karakassis I., Smith C.J., Eleftheriou A. (1996) Performance of neutral model analysis in a spatio-temporal series of macrobenthic replicates. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 137: 173-179.
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  • Lampadariou N., Karakassis I., Chapdelaine L., Wilkinson M.F., Dafnomili E. (2000) Spatial variability in water column and sediment chemistry in Heraklion harbour (Crete, E. Mediterranean). Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 9: 164-171
  • Karakassis I. (2000) Aquaculture and coastal marine biodiversity. Oceanis 25(1-2): (in press)
  • Karakassis I., Tsapakis M., Hatziyanni E., Papadopoulou K.-N., Plaiti W. (2000) Impact of bass and bream farming in cages on the seabed in three Mediterranean coastal areas. ICES Journal of Marine Science (in press)
  • Karakassis I., Hatziyanni E. (2000) Benthic disturbance due to fish farming analyzed under different levels of taxonomic resolution. Marine Ecology Progress Series (in press)