Christos Arvanitidis

Department of Environmental Technology and Management

Contact Address

Institute of Marine Biology of Crete
P.O.Box 2214
Heraklion 71003
Crete, Greece.
Tel: +30 2810 337748
Fax: +30 2810 241882
Email: arvanitidis@imbc.gr

Date of Birth : March 4, 1966
Nationality : Greek
Language : Greek:Native language
English: reading, writing and spoken at high professional level.
French: reading, writing and spoken


  • 1988: B.Sc.(hons), Biology Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki,Greece.
  • 1994: Ph.D., Marine Biology, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Professional Experience

  • 1988 - to date. Participation in research projects carried out by the Department of Technology and Management of Marine Environment of the IMBC and by the Department of Zoology of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki: Biodiversity, Environmental Monitoring, Pollution, Fishery Biology and Management of Marine Resources (invertebrates), and Coastal Zone Management.
  • 7/1999-9/1999: Station Marine de Wimereux, Université de Lille 1 (Ga???a ),?p?t??f?a ??????΅΅at?? ???????a?????? ?p?st?΅?????? S??e??as?a?: Sejours Scientifiques en France.
  • 2/1990 - 4/1990: Station Marine d'Endoume, Université d'Aix Marseille II, Centre d'Etude des Ressources Animales Marines, Université d'Aix Marseille III, Laboratoire d'Écologie Animale, Université Catholique de l'Ouest d'Angers (Ga???a), ?p?t??f?a ??????΅΅at?? ? rasmus .

Other relevant activities/experience

  • Member of the Advisory Committee of the International Polychaete Association.
  • Member of the EU group of experts charged with the construction of the Catalogue of the European Marine Species.
  • Co-ordinator of the IMBC (National) Marine Biodiversity (Centre of excellence) Project.
  • Member of Hellenic Zoological Society.
  • Member of Hellenic Geotechnical Chamber (Ichthyological Association).

Current European Projects

  • Implementation and networking of large-scale long-term MArine BIOdiversity research in Europe (BIOMARE).
  • Creating a long-term infrastructure for marine biodiversity research in the European Economic Area and the Newly Associated States (MARBENA).
  • From river catchment areas to the sea: comparative and integrated approach to the ecology of Mediterranean coastal zones for sustainable management (MED-CORE).
  • Development of a new method for the quantitative measurement of the effects of otter trawling on benthic nutrient fluxes and sediment biogeochemistry.

Selected publications

  • Arvanitidis, C. 2000. Polychaete fauna of the Aegean Sea: Inventory and new information. Bulletin of Marine Science, 66: 73-96.
  • Arvanitidis, C. and A. Koukouras. 1995. Amphitritides kuehlmanni sp. nov. (Polychaeta, Terebellidae, Amphitrininae) from the Aegean Sea, with comments on the genus Amphitritides Augener. Ophelia, 40: 219-227.
  • C. Arvanitidis and A. Koukouras. 1997. Paradiopatra calliopae sp. nov. (Polychaeta, Onuphidae) from the Mediterranean with a discussion of the genus. Ophelia, 46(1): 51-63.
  • Arvanitidis, C., Koutsoubas, D., Dounas, C. and A. Eleftheriou. 1999. Annelid fauna of a Mediterranean lagoon (Gialova lagoon, South-West Greece): Community structure in a severely fluctuating environment. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 79: 849-856.
  • Arvanitidis, C., G. Bellan, P. Drakopoulos, V. Valavanis, C. Dounas, A. Koukouras and A. Eleftheriou, 2002. Seascape biodiversity patterns along the Mediterranean and the Black Sea: lessons from the biogeography of benthic polychaetes. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 244: 139-152.
  • Koukouras, A., Russo, A., Voultsiadou-Koukoura, A., Arvanitidis A., and D. Stefanidou. 1996. Macrofauna associated with sponge species of different morphology. Marine Ecology (P.S.Z.N.), 17: 569-582.
  • Koutsoubas, D., Dounas, C., Arvanitidis, C., Kornilios, S., Petihakis, G., Triantafyllou, G. and A. Eleftheriou. 2000. Macrobenthic community structure and disturbance assessment in a Mediterranean lagoon (Gialova lagoon, Ionian Sea). ICES Journal of Marine Science 57: 1472-1480.
  • Koutsoubas, D., C. Arvanitidis, C. Dounas and L. Drummond. 2000. Community structure and dynamics of the molluscan fauna in a mediterranean lagoon (Gialova lagoon, SW Greece). Belgian Journal of Zoology, 130, pp. 135-142.
  • Triantafyllou, G., G. Petihakis, C. Dounas, D. Koutsoubas, C. Arvanitidis and A. Eleftheriou. 2000. Temporal variations on benthic communities and their behaviour to physicochemical forcing. A numerical approach. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 57, pp. 1507-1516.
  • Georgakarakos, S., J. Haralabous, V. Valavanis, C. Arvanitidis and D. Koutsoubas, 2001. Prediction of fishery exploitation stocks of Loliginid and Ommastrephid squids in Greek waters (Eastern Mediterranean) using uni- and multivariate time series analysis techniques. Bulletin of Marine Science 71: 269-287..
  • Moreno, A., J.-P. Robin, C. Arvanitidis, D. Koutsoubas, J. Murphy, M. da Cuncha, J. Pereira, V. Denis, L. Key and P.R. Boyle, 2001. Global patterns of the long-finned squid Loligo vulgaris Lamarck, 1798 (Cephalopoda: Lolinginidae) stocks in the Northeastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean: an integrated overview. Bulletin of Marine Science 71: 515-534.
  • Valavanis, V., S. Georgakarakos, D. Koutsoubas, C. Arvanitidis and J. Haralabous, 2001. Development of a Marine Information System for Cephalopod Fisheries in the Greek Seas (Eastern Mediterranean). Bulletin of Marine Science 71: 867-882.
  • Arvanitidis, C., D. Koutsoubas, J.-P. Robin, J. Pereira, A. Moreno, M. da Cuncha, V. Valavanis and A. Eleftheriou, 2001. An integrated overview of the biology of the short-finned squid Illex coindetii VÈrany, 1839 (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) in the Northeastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Bulletin of Marine Science 71: 129-146.
  • Arvanitidis, C., Bellan, G., Drakopoulos, P., Valavanis, V., Dounas, C., Koukouras, A. & Eleftheriou, A. 2002. Seascape biodiversity patterns along the Mediterrenean and the Black Sea: lessons from the biogegraphy of benthic polychaaetes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 244: 139-152.
  • 8 Publications in Peer. reviewed Conference Proceedings.
    For full list, contact arvanitidis@imbc.gr