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The IMBC Library came into existence in 1989, when the new Institute moved to its first permanent site overlooking Heraklion's Venetian harbour. Its modest collection of marine science literature was housed in an equally modest library, towards which some small-scale funding had been made available from the NATO Science for Stability programme FISHECO. In 1996, the Library received a substantial grant from EPET II which enabled it to expand into a new stand-alone extension, with considerably more potential. In 1997, it also acquired the services of a librarian for the first time. In August 2002 the much-expanded Library moved to its spacious new quarters in the former American base in Gouves, just yards away from the fast-rising new aquarium, Thalassocosmos, where a whole new set of opportunities and clients will be found.

Library resources

The IMBC hard copy collection remains very small, although it has more than 10000 reprints and 13 journals. It also has 8500 e-journals. The major subject areas covered are:
Aquaculture, environment impact assessment, environmental studies fisheries biology, fisheries management, fisheries technology, marine biology, marine chemistry, marine ecology, marine geology, marine mammals, marine microbiology, marine pollution, oceanography.

The Library contains several CD-ROM databases, amongst which are the following:

  • Aquatic sciences and Fisheries abstracts (ASFA)
  • Fishbase (FASO 1999)
  • CORDIS - CORDIS exists to provide information on Programmes and activities concerning RTD (Research and Technological Development) which have been carried out by the European Union under a series of Framework Programmes reflecting the scientific and technological priorities of their particular period of application.

No computerisation development was possible until 1993 when IMBC was linked to the University of Crete library database. IMBC at last had the opportunity to join the ARIADNE network of Greek academic and research centres, and ARIADNET, which links Greece to the rest of the world.

IMBC Collected Reprints

IIMBC has now compiled four volumes of Collected Reprints (1987-1991; 1993-1994; 1995-1996; 1997-1998). These have been sent to sister establishments throughout Europe. The IMBC Library has established links and collaboration in the exchange of journals and publications with other libraries which specialise in the marine sciences.

Online Bibliographic Services

Specific IMBC online resources
Almost from the start of the IMBC Web site (November 1995), it was the enlightened policy of IMBC to provide free online access to abstracts from workshops, seminars, symposia hosted by IMBC. To date, the extended abstracts from the MAST MTP workshop (Feb. 1996), the 28th EMB Symposium, MEDCOAST 95 , New Directions in Systematics (Oct. 1997), 8th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium, Monterey, USA (June 1997), 11th Meiofauna Conference, Boston,USA, ( July 2001), Aquachallenge Workshop, Beijing (April 2002) and IASON Workshop, Salonika (May 2003) have been made available in this way. This has enabled many thousands of users throughout the world to have direct access to these materials.

IMBC Website User Behaviour has been documented in a paper published in the Proceedings of the 6TH EURASLIC Meeting (European Association of Aquatic Sciences Libraries and Information Centres)

The IMBC Library is linked with the HERMES information system, created by the Greek National Documentation Centre.

However, through ARIADNE and HERMES, there is access to the Library of the National Centre for Marine Research, a rich resource for home scientists, which contains the bibliographic database GREEK BIBLIOGRAPHY, a bibliography of oceanography and fisheries in Greek seas, rivers and lakes. The reader can have access to the primary documents. It also contains the union catalogue of scientific periodicals in Greek libraries. This database can be used online to locate details of journals held in more than 100 scientific libraries in Greece. This database is updated annually and forms an important part of the development of the National Network of Libraries.

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