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Fgm was founded in 1991 in order to support the development of the sector at their initial phases. It has been proved very active in promoting the sector since and has actually widened their horizons and spectrum of interests with their efforts to bring the sector into the international stage of large events as a big partner.

More than 80% of total Greek sea bass and sea bream production is represented by the Federation.

The rapid expansion and increasing success of the industry, which concentrates on the production of sea bream and sea bass, is now a well-established fact in the international aquaculture world.

  • From a production of 350 tonnes in 1988, to an amazing 36000 tonnes 10 years later in 1998.
  • From less than 10 farms in 1980, to more than 250 farms in 1998.

FGM makes new services available to its members by means of this web site.